Before & After
Transforming a dark 1960's split level basement bedroom into a bright period appropriate space.
Custom stairwell pendant
A friend wanted something simple and modern but fitting for a 1914 house. This is a trendy style but made from century old sockets and slightly bendy twisted cloth cord.
Deco ceiling
The perfect solution for a light box ceiling. Remove it and create a sunken ceiling. Vintage 30's wallpaper and some 70's ball lights with red trim. WOW.
Converted gas arm
Original gas "bracket" arms are hard to use in modern electrical situations but here a unusual large canopy and some projecting wire made for one unique light.
Ingo Maurer
This delicate Ingo Maurer fan light just needed some new wiring. Though this more old fashioned twisted cord isn't really what it would have had it looks quite appropriate.
3 arm chandelier
This 3 arm japanned fixture was painted over for years. It certainly cleaned up well! Period Sheffield shades.
Victorian rim lock
A client had a 3rd story access in a public bathroom. The solution was a very old rim lock with skeleton key. Not something the average person carries around with them.
Gas electric detail
Just a close up of one of my favorite lights. This little gas/electric combination pendant was rewired (full electric now) and given a lush velvet candle cover.
Funky trailer
This wall mounted pendant is right at home in a vintage trailer at the coast.
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